The Eada School joins the advantages of ventilated facades

Escuela Eada fachada ventilada · Sistema Masa

Today we are talking about the Eada Business School located in the center of the city of Barcelona. A business school that has decided to join the large list of advantages of ventilated facades through the rehabilitation of the building.

Project features

This time Sistema Masa has collaborated in the rehabilitation of a business school incorporating the ventilated facade system to its structure. More and more projects are incorporating this type of facades due to their great advantages, such as the intelligent and efficient use of the energy they provide.

Escuela Eada fachada ventilada
  • Architect: CDB Arquitectura 
  • Location: Carrer d'Aragó, 204, 08011 Barcelona
  • Approximate surface: 300 m2
  • System: GR-AM-HOR, GR-CLM, GR-ESP
  • Type of building: Rehabilitación edificio de negocios de 8 plantas
  • Cladding: Cenia Azul 
The Eada School is an eight-floor business building in the center of Barcelona. The main difficulty of the project has occurred at the time of the placement of the placate due to the existing collapses of the façade to be rehabilitated. These crashes have been resolved with different types of anchors, depending on the need, at each point of the same.

The project in question has a blue Cenia lining. It is a lining made of blue cenia cream marble (recrystallized hard sedimentary limestone greenish gray with some fossil inlays) of 2 and 3cm thickness. The approximate measurements vary between 119.0 to 160 x 31.2 to 53.


To rehabilitate the ventilated façade, three types of anchors have been used: GR-AM-HOR, GR-CLM and GR-ESP.

In the first place, the GR-AM-HOR anchor is very simple to ensure anchoring and does not require a complicated installation. It is applied as much by the vertical as by the horizontal joint.


Secondly, the GR-CLM is a point adjustable anchor of great simplicity and strength, specific for bearing supports / enclosures. It is available in a wide range of thicknesses, distances and metrics to better adapt to the specific characteristics of each cladding, its load and the wind conditions. The installation of this is simple and safe.


And finally, the GR-ESP anchor is fixed point, of great simplicity and strength, for supporting supports / enclosures. It is a specific anchor for facades with a reduced chamber and, like the other two, requires a simple and safe installation. 


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