How much can you save at home thanks to energy efficiency?

Eficiencia energética

In Spain, each citizen pays between 30 and 50 euros per month on water, electricity and gas bills. This means that spending on families easily rises to 150 euros per month. Is there any way to lower this bill? Yes! It's called energy efficiency and it's about using energy in an efficient way.

Short-term energy saving measures

  • Seal doors and windows. In winter, the cost of heating is usually higher due to gaps or cracks in doors and windows, where the heat escapes.
  • Install thermostats and timers in the heating. It is important to make a rational use of the heating, programming it to turn on and off at the times we need to be at home. A temperature of 21 degrees will be enough.
  • Avoid stand-by. Leaving the devices on stand-by (with the pilot on) means leaving them "at rest" and not turned off, which means that they continue to consume energy. It is advisable to unplug them, as far as possible.
  • Use LED bulbs and low consumption. Replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs can mean a small initial investment, but it will become a monthly saving in electricity. In addition, LED bulbs are less polluting.
  • Make efficient use of household appliances. Energy efficiency is achieved with small measures: use the ECO program of the washing machine and the dishwasher, hang the clothes instead of putting them in the dryer, adjust the temperature of the refrigerator.
eficiencia energética

Measures for long-term energy efficiency

  • Install double windows. Windows are the places in the house where most of the heat we accumulate through heating is lost. Double windows provide greater insulation and reduce the heat loss of the home.
  • Install underfloor heating. The radiant floor works at significantly lower temperatures to generate a comfortable heat compared to other systems, which means a more efficient use of energy.
  • Renew appliances. Household appliances represent 45% of the household's electricity consumption and therefore, it is very important to choose them correctly. We must buy the one that best suits our needs (for example, taking into account the number of inhabitants of the household) and choose one that is class A or higher.
  • Install solar or thermal panels. They will suppose a high initial investment, but generating the own energy that you are going to consume also is going to suppose a great saving. The concept of self-consumption is increasingly closer to energy efficiency, both aimed at a more sustainable society.
  • Install ventilated facades. The insulation of buildings is a key factor for their efficiency. Ventilated façades save 40% more energy compared to other façade systems, thanks to its insulating layer that allows free air circulation.

Energy efficiency is the future of the real estate sector, not only because it helps us save on our bills, because it also helps us to live in healthier housing.


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