The close relationship between rehabilitation and ITV of Buildings

rehabilitation ITV of buildings

The ITV of the Building, or the Technical Building Inspection (ITE), became mandatory in 2012 for buildings over 50 years old. The reason is logical: the passage of time affects the structure of a house by a lot of paint that we use to hide the cracks of the years.

The ITE is a very useful document that avoids risks derived from pathologies, so that users can be safe and in adequate conditions of habitability. It is about visually inspecting the building by a qualified technician, who may be an architect, rigger or engineer, to determine that it is safe for its inhabitants and for street passers-by. The report is valid for ten years and once expired it must be repeated.

What happens if I do not have the ITV of the Building?

If during the technical inspection in question problems are detected in the building, it must be acted upon according to its degree of severity. If it is a serious issue, the community is obliged to hire a professional who manages the rehabilitation works and re-present the certificate to the official body once the problem has been fixed. If the complication is slight, the solution will enter into the normal maintenance of the building and it is the decision of the inhabitants of the building to pass or not to pass the ITE.


The official bodies do not carry out inspections, but if by chance an incident occurs -such as a detachment of the façade- the sanction to the community could be considerably worsened. In addition, not passing the ITE or ITV of the building can have other negative consequences, such as the bank denying us a mortgage. In theory, since July 2012, to sell a home in a building over 45 years old, it is essential to present the certificate of aptitude.

Essential for rehabilitation

More and more old buildings are found and when these pass the Evaluation Report, the pathologies that must be corrected in the buildings are detected. The rehabilitation of facades is a necessity of the buildings, which upon reaching years need a minimum of maintenance work.

With the new façade rehabilitation techniques, systems equipped with thermal insulation are being included, thus achieving an energy improvement and a remodeling of the building's image. The rehabilitation of facades allows not only to correct the pathologies of the buildings (humidity, cracks ...) but also an economic saving in the consumption of heating.


One of the most used systems is the ventilated facade system. The savings achieved in the maintenance of the facades through the ventilated facade system guarantees a durability of more than 50 years. Compared with the life of less than 10 years that provides the system of painting on mortar comes out safely.

In Sistema Masa we have extensive experience in the field of ventilated façade rehabilitation. You can check on our website the projects we do or contact us by email at If your building has not passed the ITE or you simply want to take advantage of a ventilated facade, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you!


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