New method to measure the energy efficiency of neighborhoods

eficiencia energética de los barrios

Energy efficiency is an issue that increasingly concerns the population. Little by little, society is becoming aware of the need to reduce energy costs and live in efficient and well-insulated housing. The latest tool that can help experts estimate the energy efficiency of entire neighborhoods has been developed by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the Higher Center for Scientific Research (CSIC).

How to measure the energy efficiency of neighborhoods

The new method calculates the energy efficiency of the neighborhoods through the envelope of the buildings, the exploitation of cadastral data and with open source computer tools. Thanks to this, they can estimate the current status of entire neighborhoods and calculate the impact of possible measures that could improve energy efficiency, such as rehabilitating facades, changing structures, etc.

According to its creators, this tool:

It will allow evaluating the potential of energy efficiency in the urban fabric from data collected building by building big data techniques".

Recently, it was the European Union that allowed certain cadastral information to be published openly, which has helped to know details that were previously impossible.

With this tool you can define a passive energy efficiency indicator that includes urban and building aspects, dimension, orientation of buildings, quality of materials, envelopes and insulation, etc. Thanks to this, it is possible to estimate the total investment necessary to improve the energy efficiency of the neighborhoods and recommend rehabilitation works.

Rehabilitation, as a solution

The rehabilitation of buildings is one of the most effective solutions to improve energy efficiency and, therefore, save money on bills. In recent years, the demand for renovations has grown and we are increasingly aware of real cases of neighbors who have carried out works and have reduced their levels of energy consumption.

If you are thinking of carrying out rehabilitation works in your building to improve energy efficiency, in Sistema Masa we can advise you.


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