New rehabilitation of facades to eliminate moisture problems

rehabilitación de fachadas Sistema Masa

The rehabilitation of facades, in addition to renewing the aesthetic image of the building, also helps us to solve moisture problems. This is the case of this new project of Sistema Masa: a building in Barcelona that needed a rehabilitation of an area of its facades.

Rehabilitation of facade against humidity

Humidities can generate slight problems in the facades, but if they are not solved in time, these damages can evolve to something more serious. Some examples are collapses or structural damage to the key elements of a building, as happened in one of our last projects that has consisted in the rehabilitation of their facades:
  • Architect: Gosot Adelaidu - Taller d'Arquitectura
  • Location: C/Loreto, 17, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Approximate surface: 150m2
  • System: PF-AL-T/L/J-SO
  • Type of building: rehabilitation
  • Cladding: porcelain stoneware Newker Concept 150x75
Due to the state of the humidity that had generated certain collapses, we encountered some difficulties when measuring and placing the vertical profiles. Finally, we decided to solve this problem with different types of brackets and achieve the same horizontal and vertical alignments. 

rehabilitación de fachadas barcelona

For the cladding we work with the  Newker Conceptmodel, a type of 150x75 porcelain stoneware in two tonalities (Newker Concept porcelain Gray color series and Newker porcelain Pearl Concept series). The façade cladding  was adapted to the measurements between floors and window openings.

Maintenance of ventilated facades

To avoid future problems it is recommended to carry out periodic maintenance of the facades. In the case of ventilated facades, so many revisions are not required, since the coating plates avoid pathologies and guarantee that the material preserves its good condition. According to the CTE in its Basic Document HS Healthiness it is recommended:

Every 3 years:
  • Check the condition of the cladding and the singular points, such as corners or canopies.
Every 5 years:
  • Check the possible existence of cracks, fissures or crashes.
Every 10 years:
  • Check the condition of cleaning sores or ventilation openings in the chamber.
Check our website for more information on maintenance  or rehabilitation of facades.


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