Starting the year with new Sistema Masa projects

Sistema Masa has started the year with numerous new projects of all types: ventilated facade installation, facade design, fastening systems, insulation, etc. Throughout the year the company will inform about the designs and installations it has implemented so that you can find out more about what a ventilated facade is and in which buildings they can be found.

Housing building in Barcelona

To start this series of new projects, the focus is on a housing building in Calle Vico, in Barcelona. The project is very interesting technically speaking because it offers the combination of several fastening systems, etc. But let's start at the beginning. The first thing that Sistema Masa does is to measure the works, which involves designing and creating a project for the works, always taking the customer's needs into consideration. The image shows the design of the project.

Once the works have been measured, the more technical details progress. A combination of two systems is used for this project: PF-ALU/PL and HPL60

The PF-ALU/PL is a system with a sub-structure that is a fixed anchored design for the cladding solution with parts in horizontal position and the fitting with both continuous joints. The HPL60 is an innovative system that will soon be added to the website under products and that will also be used to resolve differences in depth between the surface of the enclosure and the roller shutter enclosures.

Another feature of this work is that the housing building has 3cm thick limestone cladding. The Sistema Masa ventilated facade project is now quite advanced.

Up-to-date information on the company's projects is available on the Sistema Masa website.


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