Mansion with facade cladding in Roman travertine marble

revestimiento para fachada palacete

As if it were an authentic Roman temple, one of the last projects of Sistema Masa is a classic style mansion, whose facade cladding is in Roman Travertino marble. This project unites the most classic and traditional design with the most innovative ventilated facades.

Project features

The great particularity and novelty of this project lies in the fact that this type of architecture, with a solid and heavy appearance, is treated as a ventilated façade. All the different elements that conform it are subject to the structure and enclosures of reinforced concrete and brick of the building with different systems of profiling calculated for that purpose, including the posterior isolation and the ventilated chamber.
  • Architect: Estudio Arqué
  • Location: Avenida Pearson, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Approximate surface: 700m2
  • Type of building: single family home
  • System: PF-ALU/PL + GR-ESP
  • Cladding: Roman Travertine marble
For the anchors of the façade we have used the  Premium PF-ALU/PL system and the GR-ESP self-supporting anchor. The first is a fixed anchor designed for the solution of cladding with pieces in horizontal and placement with both continuous joints.

revestimiento para fachada palacete

revestimiento para fachada viviendas barcelona

For its part, the GR-ESP is a fixed point anchor with great ease of installation and resistance. It is a specific anchor for ventilated facades with reduced camera and has a wide range of metrics and lengths.

The elegance of the facade cladding

This charming palace is completely clad in Roman Travertino marble. Of completely classic design and design, this particular home includes listed pillars with Corinthian capitals, moldings in different types, half columns attached to the façade, pilasters and semi-pilasters to support the forge railings on the terrace and balconies, etc. The choice of this facade cladding is the most appropriate for the classic concept that follows this project.

revestimiento para fachada ventilada

This is an example of ventilated facades whose claddings respect the traditional style of buildings, neighborhoods or towns.


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