Solutions for the rehabilitation of facades

Soluciones para la rehabilitación de fachadas

Over time, homes should review their main structural elements to ensure their good condition, correct faults or replace old systems with current solutions such as ventilated facades. It is precisely the rehabilitation of facades one of the key points when reviewing the state of our building.

Solutions for the rehabilitation of facades

Traditional facades, although built with quality materials, are not energy efficient. This is because in its structure it does not have the necessary insulation systems to let the air flow and, therefore, avoid overheating or the entry of cold in winter.

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Until very recently, the rehabilitation of facades was simply carried out by repairing plasters with cement mortars and applying paint to the façade. These solutions have been completely out of date, since they did not take into account technical aspects related to energy and economic savings.

Key points

If you are thinking of rehabilitating the facade of your home or building, you should consider three key aspects that we list below:
  • Improvement of the thermal and acoustic insulation of the facade.
  • Decrease in energy expenditure due to air conditioning. 
  • Extend the useful life of the finishes of the facades with current systems, such as ventilated facades.

Installation of ventilated facades

The most durable solution for a façade rehabilitation is to replace these with ventilated facades. The process of change is very simple:
  • On the existing façade, a metallic substructure is installed that will support the exterior finishing sheet.
  • An insulation layer is applied between the elements of the formed substructure, secured by means of fastening systems that guarantee adherence to the existing façade.
  • Assemble the finished parts
  • The exterior panels can be chosen with the cladding according to the style of the building: stone, ceramic, marble, etc.
The main feature of this type of façades is the insulation layer that allows energy savings of up to 40% according to experts and that offer a guarantee of durability much higher than normal facades. The good thing about this type of façade rehabilitation is that they also need less maintenance, which is a very comfortable option for the owners or tenants of the building.


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