New residential with three types of ceramic facade cladding

revestimiento de fachadas ventiladas

Ventilated facades are a reality that are no longer only installed in large buildings or institutional venues. On the contrary, residential buildings or single-family homes can also benefit from their energy advantages. Today we bring you a new example, where we have used three diverse types of façade cladding to achieve a modern and efficient finish.

New project of ventilated facades

This new project of Sistema Masa consists of a residential building with an innovative and very modern design. The technical characteristics are:
  • Architect: Diez-Cascon Arquitectes
  • Location: Passeig Mare de Deu Coll, Vallcarca (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Approximate surface: 1.000 m2
  • System: PF-ALT/SO-S
  • Type of building: residential
  • Cladding: sintered ceramic
For this project we have used our system PF-AL-J35 and T35/SO-S anchored on facade walls with dry partition type Aquapanel Knauf. Our system is calculated specifically to act in collaboration with Knauf, so that the location of both substructures has been coordinated for proper installation. It is not the first time that Sistema Masa and Knauf collaborate together to achieve more efficient and innovative systems.

exterior revestimiento de fachadas ventiladas

tipos de revestimiento de fachadas ventiladas sistema masa

Three types of façade cladding

The ecological commitment of this project goes a little beyond normal, thanks to the cladding of its facades. For this, we have used a large format sintered ceramics of Neolith from TheSize (with formats up to 3.6x1.2m or 3.2x1.5m) and we have applied the Purety treatment, which helps to reduce greenhouse gases of the atmosphere.

revestimiento de fachadas ventiladas

revestimiento de fachadas ventiladas ceramica

The façade cladding of this project is Neolith sintered ceramic in these three models:
Remember that our systems adapt to the type of ventilated façade cladding for each work. You can consult all our projects on our website.


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