The most sustainable cities of 2018

ciudades más sostenibles 2018

One more year, the Cities in Motion Index 2018 (ICIM) has published the ranking of the most sustainable cities in 2018. This study, prepared by IESE Business School, takes into account 9 different dimensions.

The most sustainable cities

To decide which cities are the most sustainable in 2018, a total of 165 cities from 80 different countries have been evaluated. In this edition 13 new cities have participated with respect to last year. Of these 165 cities, 74 are capital cities.

The criteria on which this study has been based are 9: human capital, social cohesion, economy, governance, environment, mobility and transport, urban planning, international projection and technology.

And the winners of each category are:

Human capital

ciudades más sostenibles londres

London (United Kingdom) is the city with the greatest human capital according to the ICIM. The study highlights the number of business management schools and universities. It also highlights the quality of materials and sustainable technology of cultural buildings, such as museums, theatres and art galleries.

Social cohesion

ciudades más sostenibles helsinki

Helsinki (Finland) is the sustainable city with the greatest social cohesion because it has a very low unemployment rate and distributes income fairly. In this dimension, 9 of the 10 first cities are European.


ciudades más sostenibles nueva york

New York (USA) is the economic capital of the ranking thanks to its high GDP and the number of companies. In this case, the first 10 cities of this dimension are American.


ciudades más sostenibles berna

The criteria for assessing governance are mainly related to the management of public resources. In this dimension, Bern (Switzerland) has won, due to its fight against corruption or the high number of embassies.


ciudades más sostenibles reikiavik

The most sustainable cities taking into account environmental criteria are Reykjavik (Iceland) and Wellington (New Zealand).
They have earned this position thanks to their low pollution rates. An achievement that they have achieved thanks to the construction of sustainable buildings or almost zero energy consumption.

Mobility and transport

ciudades más sostenibles paris

Paris (France) is the first city in this ranking thanks to its efficient metro system, the use of shared bicycles, the high-speed train and the number of routes entrance areas.

Urban Planning

New York repeats as a category winner. In this case, the urban planning of the city stands out for the development in infrastructures and the avant-garde architecture of its buildings.

Internatioinal projection

Again, Paris wins, although London has come second in this category. The city of light is the second capital with the most international tourists and is the one with the most international congresses and meetings.


ciudades más sostenibles hong kong

Undoubtedly, technology is a great ally of smart cities or sustainable cities. And in this category there is a clear winner: Hong Kong (China). This megalopolis has an innovation coverage rate of almost 100%, since practically all of its citizens have smartphones, social networks or new technologies.

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