How to save energy at home

ahorrar energía en nuestras casas

The poor state of insulation and climate control in most homes means that we can not save energy at home. According to experts, living in an efficient home can mean energy savings of up to 80%.

How to save energy at home

According to the latest data, 60% of Spanish homes are old, that is, they are built before 1990 and are very deficient in terms of energy. In addition, as we already advanced in Sistema Masa, it is estimated that 90% of new homes are not built under the demands of energy efficiency.

cómo ahorrar energía en casa

All this causes around 30% of the energy to escape, especially through walls, floors and windows. To this is added another 25% that escapes through the roof. It is for this reason that more than half of the total energy consumption comes from air conditioning systems, such as heating or air conditioning.

To save energy at home we must meet a series of requirements in terms of lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and insulation:
  • Walls and roof: they must be built with quality insulating materials and can range from insulating paints to ventilated facades. In cases of old homes, this rehabilitation can be up to 80% savings. 
  • Windows: check frames, enclosures and glass, which is where we allow up to 20% energy to escape. 
  • Air conditioning: air conditioning units, such as air conditioning, must adapt their power to space. For example, for a room of about 30m2, about 2.7kw is recommended. On the other hand, it is advisable to buy appliances with A +++ energy certificate. 
  • Awnings and tarpaulins: help to combat heat and direct sun. A good awning can reduce up to 10 degrees of temperature.

Energy rehabilitation increases the value

The energy rehabilitation of homes can mean a revaluation of up to 25%. The main reasons are that thanks to the rehabilitation, a significant saving in energy expenditure is achieved and the aesthetics of the home is improved.

ahorar energía en casa

According to data from Habitissimo, more than 40% of what is most valuable when buying a home is its orientation. A property with a good orientation, should have the facades towards the sun, since during the summer the most intense hours of heat would be from 12h to 16h. On the contrary, if the facades are oriented to the west, the hours of more heat and when the sun strikes directly is from 16h to 18h, which is very unfavorable to combat the heat.


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