Aspects to take into account for the maintenance of buildings

Maintenance of buildings

If we talk about maintenance of buildings, the houses must take into account some technical aspects for their correct conservation. Any installation of a building has to be supervised and studied through the advice of a qualified and professional technician.

The two types of building maintenance

The maintenance of buildings has multiple advantages and functions: avoid deterioration, lengthen your life, accident prevention, comfort in housing, cost savings etc. For this reason, it is key to do it correctly and it is achieved through two types of building maintenance:

Técnico trabajando en mantenimiento de edificios
The first is about the preventive maintenance of buildings, whose main mission is to make sure everything is working correctly to avoid possible future problems of any kind. In the event that the damage has already occurred, a corrective building maintenance will be carried out that will consist of the detection of the cause of the problem and the proposal and implementation of the solution that the professional technician considers

What are the main facilities that must be taken into account?

The following areas or facilities discussed are those that we must review and maintain frequently.


The set of owners will have to be attentive and check that cracks do not appear and that armor does not appear seen in the joints. In this case, we suggest that you consult an expert technician and that you do not intervene in walls, beams or pillars. 

Common zones

In addition to periodic cleaning (which is essential to maintain habitability) it is recommended to check both doors and windows, railings, floors, walls, ceilings etc. The counters rooms and electrical circuits must be kept in perfect condition and inspected periodically to avoid breakdowns that may lead to major problems.


Knowing when to rehabilitate the facade, one of the most important parts of the building, is a factor to be taken into account. For this it will be necessary to check the anchors, projections, pipes and structures among others. A façade in correct condition revalues the building, improves its aesthetics and can suppose a considerable energetic saving if a determined system is applied.

mantenimiento de edificios e instalaciones eléctricas

Therefore, as we have seen, it is very important to keep the building in good condition, as well as a budget for the preventive maintenance of the building. Today, you can request aid for rehabilitation that will make building maintenance a much easier task.


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