The rehabilitation of buildings to combat energy poverty

rehabilitation of buildings

The Association of Environmental Sciences (ACA) has published the 4th study on energy poverty in Spain. In it, better results have been seen than in 2015, although there is still not a way to go that most of the media are on the way to energy. The proposed solution? The rehabilitation of buildings to make them more sustainable.

The data of 2017

Although the indicators are slightly lower than the maximum we reached just 3 years ago, even 15% of the Spanish population has not been able to pay an energy bill on time or has had inadequate temperatures in their home. In addition, among the 6.8 million people that are equivalent to this 15%, 2.8 million have confirmed that they paid their bills more than twice with delays.
Reunión sobre rehabilitación de edificios como medida para la pobreza energética

Another data to correct are the 900,000 people living in Spain who suffered some kind of disconnection of energy supply in their home. This is a worrying fact as it would be a sector classified as highly vulnerable. By Autonomous Communities, Castilla la Mancha and Murcia are the most affected, while the Basque Country and Castilla y León, which have fewer problems with this issue.
Rehabilitacion de edificios para la correcta eficiencia energética

Although the indicator that most concerns the ACA is the 1.5 million people who, while spending more energy than the average, declare that they cannot keep their home at a good temperature in the coldest months of the year. This group has been identified as a priority in terms of implementing measures to improve the energy efficiency of their respective homes.

The rehabilitation of buildings is the solution

The director of the ACA, has stressed the need for the rehabilitation of buildings to be more sustainable energy and not that each house makes reforms on their own. Although we must implement some solutions in our home, "acting from the building makes the citizen demand less energy" said Jose Luís López. Although the demand for ventilated facades continues to grow, it encouraged public administrations to act on the most vulnerable housing in this regard.

proyectos de rehabilitación de edificios de sistema masa

The other most important measures that were proposed were, apart from the rehabilitation of buildings, the information and awareness of citizens, the optimization of information sources to be able to take more precise data and the need to deepen the reciprocal relationship that currently exists between energy poverty and health. All these measures will influence the savings in the energy bill.

rehabilitación de edificios para combatir la pobreza energética

Thus, as a conclusion of the 4th report on energy poverty, we can say that the path is for the Public Administration to bet on the rehabilitation of buildings to combat energy poverty together with the implementation of the measures discussed in the homes themselves.


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