Homes with ventilated facades that reduce the emission of CO2

viviendas con fachadas ventiladas

One of the last projects of Sistema Masa consists of a residential building that will house homes with ventilated multi-family facades and that will have an approximate surface of about 1000 square meters. The most characteristic point of the new project is the high energy savings it will achieve thanks to the insulation of the facades and the material of its claddings.

Energy savings in homes with ventilated facades

If something is going to characterize this project that will be developed in Barcelona, it is its design and its commitment to the environment. All the systems and materials of the new homes with ventilated facades put special emphasis on the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy savings.
  • Architect: Diez-Cascon Arquitectes 
  • Location: Pasaje Mare de Déu del Coll 10, Barcelona
  • Aproximate surface: 1000 m2
  • Systema: PF-ALT/SOS
  • Type of building: Residencial
  • Cladding: modelo Neolith, Betón, Aspen Grey y Pietra di Luna. 
nuevo proyecto de viviendas con fachada ventilada

The first example of this fact is the closing wall with Knauf's Aquapanel, which provide a magnificent thermal and acoustic insulation to the homes. Of course, the second asset that these multi-family dwellings will have are the ventilated facades, which are the best option for this type of housing. In this case, the PF-AL-T / J 35 system will be installed, which, combined with the aforementioned technical dry Wall panel, that will improve the thermal conditions of the passenger compartment and therefore it will reduce pollution and decrease our energy bill.

nuevo proyecto de viviendas con fachadas ventiladas

In addition, the Neolith plate of TheSize enters into the equation, in its large format (360x120cm), with its modern Pureti treatment that absorbs contaminating particles and is equivalent to the photosynthetic function of approximately 250 trees


The system that will be used in this new housing project with ventilated facades is the PF-ALT/SOS. The system works in conjunction with a high-performance adhesive to ensure correct fastening with the highest degree of safety.
sistema de anclaje pf alt sos para viviendas con fachadas ventiladas
It is a completely hidden anchor for vertical profiles whose design is intended for thin-thickness claddings such as glass, fiber cement or high-pressure laminates. So, we continue adding projects where the protagonists are houses with ventilated facades that seek to reduce their energy expenditure


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