The air conditioning of the home to combat the summer

Air conditioning and energy efficiency

In a few months, the summer will come and with it the high temperatures that characterize this season. In this sense, the good climate of the home is a key factor, as it can mean in many cases a saving of up to 50% in our energy bill both in summer and winter.

Do we know what air conditioning is?

The first thing we think of when listening to the term air conditioning is probably heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. However, home air conditioning covers more concepts. It is not only about getting a good temperature throughout the year, but also taking into account factors such as humidity and ventilation of the home. Currently there is a very high percentage of homes that do not meet the demands of energy efficiency. Given this fact, what are the factors that we should consider when talking about air conditioning?

Climatización eficiente en el hogar

Refrigeration and heating

Its main mission is to refresh or heat a specific cabin. Air conditioning and heating are the main devices that help us achieve these missions. We can maintain a comfortable temperature in our home avoiding temperature leaks and keeping it around 24-25 degrees in both summer and winter.

Humidity ventilation

Not only the air temperature influences a good air conditioning, the quality of this is also very important. This is where the ventilation comes in. According to experts, we must ventilate our home about 10 minutes twice a day to clean all the harmful particles for us. As much as possible, it is better to ventilate first thing in the morning since the outside air quality is better. 


The professionals recommend that it does not exceed 50%. Among the solutions they propose: dehumidifiers, cooking with the extractor on at all times, hanging clothes outside the house or not putting the heating on the maximum


3 Tips to improve the home climate control

Windows and doors

They are the main focus of energy loss. Having a double or perfectly insulated window is the best measure to achieve good air conditioning and therefore saving on the bill. In the case of the doors we could opt for the installation of weather stripping 

Soils and permeability

To avoid losing energy in the form of heat through the floors, it is advisable to install some thermal insulation that improves the air conditioning of the home. Detect and solve any slit where air can be squeezed is essential to avoid altering the temperature of the house. Therefore, a control of the possible infiltrations by means of a permeability analysis is more than advisable if we want to save on our energy bill.

Ventilated facades

If we proceed to a rehabilitation, it is essential to install ventilated facades since it is one of the best options. The air chamber causes sun rays to bounce off the facade while maintaining a lower temperature inside the home. Thanks to its constant ventilation, we will also save moisture problems. More than 75% of the temperature in our house is lost through the walls, so the energy efficiency that they provide will contribute to the good climate of the home. In fact, more and more people opt for the installation of a ventilated facade for the correct air conditioning of the home. 


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