Facades with stone cladding for a new building in Dublin

stone cladding

The project, City Quay, is a new office building with a glazed part with stunning views of the Campshires and the Liffey River in Dublin. The strength of the design of the project is the verticality achieved thanks to the finishes of the stone cladding of its facades.

Verticality with stone cladding

One of the highlights of the City Quay building is its elegance and verticality. To enhance this vertical effect, facades have been installed with stone cladding that combines colors and finishes that provide an elegant and modern aesthetic.
  • Architect: Henry J. Lyons Architects 
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Approximate surface: 200m2
  • System: PF-ALU/HTR
  • Type of building: Offices
  • Cladding: Stone
The new building is located in the north of Dublin, within a new garden square space that provides an impressive approach thanks to, among other features, its great reception. In addition, the glazed area of the building offers beautiful views of the Campshires or the River Liffey.

aplacado de piedra fachadas sistema masa

aplacado de piedra fachadas

In its elevation, the building goes down from nine to five floors and incorporates large terraces that allow us to enjoy panoramic views of the river, the Samuel Beckett bridge, the convention center and the mountains.

aplacado de piedra fachada

But if something stands out the design of the building is for its sense of verticality. For this, the materials and finishes of the stone cladding of the facades have been chosen with great precision. The combination of the glazed area with the bronzed or gold tones of the coating achieves a very avant-garde and elegant effect

PF-ALU/HTR for fastening facades

We use the PF-ALU / HTR system to fasten the facades with stone cladding. It is a solution of the Premium range of Sistema Masa that consists of a horizontal profile fixed to the vertical profiles. It is an anchor designed for the solution of small thicknesses, in vertical position, with continuous horizontal joint and vertical free.

sistema para fachadas ventiladas

This system is sold in two versions: PF-ALU / HTR-60 and PF-ALU / HTR-120 depending on the thickness, the size of the plates and the application of the system. Remember that you can request more information to our email or in our products section. 


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