The demand for ventilated facades keeps growing

The rehabilitation of homes and buildings is a necessity for a large percentage of the current real estate stock. If we add to this fact the European Union's willingness to guarantee an improvement in the energy efficiency of the buildings, it results in the growth of ventilated façade projects.  

More licenses granted for projects with ventilated facades 

We could say that 2017 was the year in which this type of coverings were consolidated. Currently, in 2018, the demand for ventilated facades continues to grow exponentially. In countries such as Spain, processing licenses depend on local or regional organisms. However, there is growing awareness and in some provinces, such as Burgos, they have multiplied by ten the number of façade projects ventilated in recent years.
Antes y después de uno de los proyectos de fachadas ventiladas de sistema masa

The rehabilitation is the sector that more demand of ventilated facades presents. In this sense, the buildings that are rehabilitated have an age between 40 and 55 years. Even so, there are communities of owners who decide to improve the energy efficiency of their homes before their block reaches this age. The reason for this early change is usually detection of some kind of deficiency in the building.

Ventilated facades, the project

Carrying out a project of ventilated façades is really advantageous. One of the main advantages offered by this housing cladding system is the thermal insulation and, therefore, the savings in heating. Numerous experts confirm that this installation will mean saving between 4 and 5 euros out of every 10 spent on heating. This fact makes that the projects of ventilated facades have experienced a greater growth in the places where to put the heating is almost an obligation in the months of winter. 
Proyectos de fachadas ventiladas de sistema masa en barcelona

Although the External Thermal Insulation System (SATE) is a technique that has been in use for more than 25 years, some cladding of this type continue to be installed, as they are efficient and relatively cheap. However, the high energy savings we find in those neighborhood communities that are decided by the projects of ventilated facades. In addition to energy savings, the elimination of humidity, direct radiation and the improvement of acoustic insulation also stand out. This system has also improved the aesthetics of the coverings and currently there are projects that respect the traditional aesthetics of rehabilitated buildings.
Proyectos de fachadas ventiladas en obras de rehabilitación

The increasing numbers of licenses issued to execute projects of ventilated facades in all the international panorama seem to indicate that this year will continue being very positive. If you want to keep informed about the news of ventilated facades, visit our news section.


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