What is the building energy label?

Since 2013 it has been obligatory by Law (Royal Decree 235/2013) for owners or lessors of properties to obtain the energy certificate to make available to future tenants or purchasers. The energy certificate is generated by a certifying technician, in other words, an architect or engineer. Once the certificate has been obtained, it must be registered with the competent authority in its regional community.

What is the energy efficiency label?

It is the designation obtained after obtaining the energy certificate for the dwelling. It includes information about construction elements, installations, carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption. It is a color scale that classifies properties according to the results obtained. Properties that obtained the letter A are more efficient, while those with the letter G have the worst score. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are also classified from A to G. The label expires 10 years after issue. 

What is the energy efficiency label for?

The primary objective is to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of efficient housing. It means that a potential purchaser or tenant can evaluate whether it is worth purchasing or renting a home with higher or lower scoring. As explained in previous posts, efficient and sustainable housing can save up to 50% on energy costs.

How is compliance controlled?

Regional communities make periodic inspections to check compliance with the regulations and detect cases of fraud. If falsification is detected, the owner may be fined. Tenants or purchasers may request that the owner provide the information from the energy certificate.

What parts of the dwelling contribute to energy eficiency?

As is already known, the key aspects for achieving energy efficiency and sustainability in the dwelling are the walls and construction elements (facades, cladding, windows) and heating/cooling systems (lighting, boilers, pipes). Good installation on the facade contributes more than any other factor to energy efficiency.


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