Cladding for ventilated facades with special parts in a new Sistema Masa project

revestimiento para fachadas ventiladas Barcelona

New residential buildings must meet energy efficiency requirements in order to be more efficient and save on energy costs. One of the last projects carried out by Sistema Masa consists in installing the facade cladding in a new building in Barcelona. The main feature of this new building are its pieces designed to fit the different heights and openings between windows.

Facade cladding for ventilated facades

The plates of the ventilated facade cladding of this new project was made from a standard material of 60x40cm and this cutting was adjusted to the different openings between windows and height regulations between the plants. Also included were special pieces up to 80x40cm for pieces smaller than 20cm. 
  • Architect: Javier Aldámiz Echevarría and David Riera Sureda.
  • Location: C/Travessera de Gràcia, 9, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Approximate area: 900m2
  • System: Basic Stone Kerf
  • Type of building: residential
  • Cladding: stone grey macael 
Another feature of the plate for these ventilated facades is the plate is grooved by the top and bottom edge to fit with our horizontal profiling systems. The difficulty that we have been finding in this project are the existing unaligned parts of the facade, which have been solved with the different brackets of the Sistema Masa.

revestimiento para fachadas ventiladas barcelona

Thanks to this ventilation system, the new building will be much more efficient and will reduce energy costs.

Basic Stone Kerf system for facades

The anchoring of the ventilated facade cladding we use on this occasion is the Basic Stone Kerf. It is a highly recommended system for stone plates with free vertical joint in any position and to always maintain the continuous horizontal joint. The mechanization of this system for façades is by continuous grove, which allows to place the plate in one movement.

sistema de revestimiento para fachadas ventiladas

You can continue checking all the details of our Basic range on our website.


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