How to achieve efficiency through ventilated facades

There are many advantages of rainscreen façades for buildings and their inhabitants, but how do you achieve the highest energy efficiency? Each project must adapt to the requirements of its design, difficulties and choose the optimum materials for each case.

New building with ventilated façade cladding with large format

Sistema Masa has started the works of a new set of houses, commercial premises and car parks in Sabadell (Barcelona). One of the main features of the new project is its avant-garde design and the cladding of ventilated large-format facades. The fixing system for the façades used is the PF-ALT-SO.

Sistema Masa celebrates its 23rd anniversary

Sistema Masa turns 23 years old. A whole trajectory dedicated to ventilated façades and in which he has executed more than 5,000 works in more than 50 countries. Its firm commitment to these façades has served to get six of its products have the CE certificate, which makes it the only one in the sector to get so many quality certificates. Looking ahead, Sistema Masa will open new international markets and adapt to the BIM system.

Exclusive homes with exterior facades in ceramic

Today we are talking about a new Sistema Masa’s project. It is a detached house with an exclusive design that includes exterior facades with ceramic cladding on large format plates. The support of the ventilated façades has been solved with the combination of Knauf systems and our PF-ALT/ SO-S system.

The energy rehabilitation of homes increases its value by 25%

Energy rehabilitation of homes increases their value in an approximately 25%, according to data from the Ministry of Development and various studies of experts. One of the first advantages of these reforms is the energy certification label, which can go from the worst to the best level, which considerably increases the value of housing in the real estate market.

Rehabilitation of industrial building with ventilated facades

Sistema Masa has recently started the works of a new project that consists of the rehabilitation of an industrial building with rainscreen facades in Aiguaviva, (Spain). It is an industrial warehouse with more than 30 years of antiquity that needed an integral rehabilitation to change both the structure and the aesthetic appearance.