Sistema Masa participates in a day on the advantages of ventilated facades

Yesterday we had the pleasure of participating in the conference organized by the Delegation of the Vallés Occidental and KNAUF Insulation on the ventilated facades. It was a day where they spoke mainly about its components, its installation and its advantages. Eduard Aguiló Riu, manager of Sistema Masa, highlighted in his presentation the importance of knowing the components of ventilated facades and their main advantages.

We finished the rehabilitation of the façade of the OD Hotel in Barcelona

Sistema Masa has completed another project to rehabilitate the façade of a building. The Hotel Aragón OD of Barcelona is a project of rehabilitation and change of use of the building of old offices. The main characteristic of its facades is the volumetric game of the building, where terraces appear every two floors.

A self-sufficient solar prefabricated house that collects rainwater has been built

Today we are talking about a new example of sustainable construction. In this case, it is a prefabricated solar house that is totally self-sufficient and that also collects rainwater. Thanks to this self-sufficient system, this house can produce food throughout the year. The project has been developed by the University of Washington in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sustainable construction with bricks and food insulators

In the face of the serious global problem of the increase in waste, new ideas are emerging that are committed to sustainable construction and the use of resources. This time it is about using organic waste, such as potatoes, mushrooms or corn, as sustainable building materials. Thanks to this solution, the volume of waste would be reduced and action would be taken against the depletion of resources.