Rehabilitation of family housing with ventilated facades

The installation of ventilated facades in a rehabilitation of a family home or villa is one of the most essential elements when it comes to achieving greater energy efficiency. It is a fundamental step that saves many energy costs, which is also a solution with guarantees and maintenance terms very comfortable for users.

The importance of energy efficiency in hospitals

The growing consumption of energy in society highlights the need to reduce costs and to be more efficient. In this sense, energy efficiency in hospitals is even more important, since they are buildings with high consumption facilities, where systems operate every day of the year. The European Commission has published a series of recommendations to achieve efficiency in European hospital centers.

Reasons to install ventilated facades in chalets with glazed areas

The most avant-garde designs of buildings and homes include efficient building elements. This is the case of the installation of ventilated facades in chalets whose design includes a large glazed area. Thanks to the ventilated facades, the quality of the insulation will not be lost and, therefore, it will be a house with greater energy efficiency.

Top 10 sustainable cities

European cities are the majority in the Top 10 of the most sustainable cities in the world. This is highlighted by the new 2017 Sustainable Cities Index on Mobility that is headed by Hong Kong. The European city with the best score is Zurich, which occupies the second place on the list, while Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid are among the 25 most sustainable cities in the world.

Ventilated facades for a new residential building of Sant Cugat

Sistema Masa starts the construction of a new residential building with ventilated facades. On this occasion, the building has five floors of residential homes. For the cladding and anchors of the facades, we have used two different systems to take more advantage of the spaces and adapt to the structure of the building.

How to insulate your house from the cold

Today in Sistema Masa we show you some solutions to isolate your home from the cold, since most of the current homes lose 99% of the energy because they are not well insulated. The best solution to avoid cold in homes is to undertake reforms in the key elements of the structure, such as roofs, walls, facades or windows.