How the construction of your home affects your health

According to the Healthy Household Barometer of 2017, Europeans spend 90% of our time in interior rooms, that is, homes. But how does the construction of our home affect us in health? Today we analyze the main consequences for health and the economy.

Mansion with facade cladding in Roman travertine marble

The traditional style of the palaces is not at odds with the most current solutions to achieve energy efficiency. Proof of this is this new palace whose facade cladding is made of Roman travertine marble. In this way, maintains the classic design, but betting on energy savings.

Solutions for the rehabilitation of facades

Over time, homes should review their main structural elements to ensure their good condition, correct faults or replace old systems with current solutions such as ventilated facades. It is precisely the rehabilitation of facades one of the key points when reviewing the state of our building.

The most sustainable cities of 2018

Today we show you the most sustainable cities of 2018 according to the Cities in Motion Index 2018, prepared by IESE Business School. A report that evaluates 165 cities around the world and that takes into account environmental, social and cultural factors.