Sistema Masa leads a new project in Mexico

Sistema Masa will soon begin work on a new project in Monterrey, Mexico. It is a building divided into two towers, one residential and one commercial. This project will have ventilated facades and porcelain tile cladding.

Do you want to know how to renew the image of your facade’s house?

The facades are the visible part of our house or building. Its good condition, both in terms of aesthetics and materials, contributes to the welfare of its inhabitants. The passage of time can cause damage that we must review and resolve. Therefore, we will offer different options to make a good renovation of your facade.

A skyscraper of 57 floors built in 19 days

The construction sector has the capacity to surprise us every day. The techniques are increasingly their innovation and the research in development and innovation gives better results in constructions, safety features and more comprehensive measures more effective energy efficiency. The latest news that has led us on new techniques constructive comes from China, where they have built a skyscraper of 57 floors in 19 days.

A new project that respects the building tradition of the Minho River

Who said innovation forgets tradition? The new Sistema Masa project that we present today is a clear example of how innovative features such as ventilated facades can be perfectly part of a design that respects tradition. In this case, the construction of this housing is fully in line with the building tradition of the Minho River.