A new hotel in Barcelona will have ventilated facades of Sistema Masa

As you know, rainscreen facades are a sure guarantee of efficiency and energy saving. This lesson has been learned very well by the hotels, which are increasingly included in their architectural designs. The last to install the vented facades of the Sistema Masa has been a new hotel located in the heart of Barcelona.

Vented facades: What are the benefits?

The concept of ventilated facades was born some time and after three or four years of introduction we can finally say that it is a recognized system and accepted by both professionals and individuals. Speaking of rainscreen facades is talking about innovation, and commitment to saving the environment.

Large panels with our new clip GR-SOP

This new project that we present today, the lobby of an office building, has a special design of the panels. As you know, Sistema Masa also specializes in claddings and materials for facades and reason why in this project we released our new support clip GR-SOP, with their characteristics and advantages discussed below.