Rehabilitation of facades: the sector that grows at a good pace

The rehabilitation sector has experienced sustained growth in the last four years. The perspectives of the rehabilitation of buildings in Spain seem quite promising. The rainscreen façades are being a success within the remodeling sector. It is a type of remodeling that makes the house, through the insulating material, gain much in energy efficiency and comfort.

Newly built homes with cladding for porcelain stoneware facades

One of the areas with the highest growth in housing and office buildings is the Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona (Spain). And it is in this area where Sistema Masa is doing one of its latest projects. This time it is a building of 32 homes that will have the latest energy efficiency techniques, including façades with porcelain stoneware cladding.

New method to measure the energy efficiency of neighborhoods

Estimating the efficiency of entire neighborhoods is already possible thanks to a new method developed by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). This tool calculates the energy loss of the buildings through its envelope.

New rehabilitation of facades to eliminate moisture problems

Moisture can cause damage to the facades or structure. For this reason, we must act as soon as possible to avoid more serious problems that affect different areas of the building. One of the most effective prevention formulas is the rehabilitation of facades, such as the project we are talking about today.

How to protect ourselves from fires by means of facades

One of the key points of sustainable construction is fire safety. In this sense, there is a European regulation with the basic requirements for new construction works and emphasizes the facades. A fundamental element when slowing or slowing the intensity of the flames.