Rehabilitation: the best option to keep buildings fit

More than 8.6 million homes in Spain will be evaluated this year in the Building Assessment Report (IEE), a document that evaluates the state of buildings in Spain and ensures that they comply with safety regulations, accessibility and efficiency.

Las fachadas ventiladas en las jornadas ITH de rehabilitación

El 27 de Noviembre se celebraron en Málaga las jornadas ITH de rehabilitación para hoteles. Con el objetivo de dar a conocer las últimas tendencias en rehabilitación hotelera, durante las jornadas se habló de temas tan diversos cómo la sostenibilidad o el uso de las fachadas ventiladas.

How much can you save at home thanks to energy efficiency?

In Spain, each citizen pays between 30 and 50 euros per month on water, electricity and gas bills. This means that spending on families easily rises to 150 euros per month. Is there any way to lower this bill? Yes! It's called energy efficiency and it's about using energy in an efficient way.