Changes in the cladding of the facades of protected buildings

The commitment to energy efficiency is increasingly strong, however, in the case of some buildings protected or listed there are some obstacles to change the cladding of the facades. According to the autonomous community or city, historical buildings can make small modifications, but in other areas they cannot improve their efficiency under any circumstances.

New residential tower with ceramic facade cladding

Sistema Masa will be responsible for installing the ceramic facade cladding for a new residential tower in Doha (Qatar). For this project, with 43 floors and 258 floors, we have developed our hidden security staple: the R45 model. Thanks to it, the tower will have greater security.

World Day of Energy Efficiency 2018

Today, March 5, is the World Day of Energy Efficiency. It is an international date that serves to reflect on the rational use we give to energy and to take measures against climate change. The objective of this day is to raise awareness in society to achieve a more sustainable and committed planet.

Fachadas ventiladas con revestimiento cerámico: ventajas y beneficios

Las fachadas ventiladas con revestimiento cerámico son una solución perfecta tanto para nuevos proyectos como para obras de rehabilitación de edificios. El revestimiento de cerámica ofrece claras ventajas en resistencia, durabilidad y baja absorción de agua. Todos estos beneficios son clave a la hora de conseguir una mayor eficiencia energética.