The rehabilitation will be the winner of the European prize Mies Van Der Rohe

The Mies Van Der Rohe Awards presented by the European Union every two years recognize in this edition the social value of the rehabilitation of buildings. The five finalist projects highlight the quality and historical importance of rehabilitation, but only one of them will rise with this prestigious architectural award on 16 March.

Innovative design and ventilated facades with sea views: new Sistema Masa project

The high level of insulation guaranteed by ventilated façades makes them perfectly installed in hazardous designs and very close to the sea, where erosion and humidity itself cause significant damage to materials or façades that are not well prepared. One of the last projects that has begun Sistema Masa is a villa that is characterized by its impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea and its large-format porcelain coating.

Building Rehabilitation Licenses: What are they?

In the European Union there is no doubt of the importance of the rehabilitation of buildings. However, there is still much lack of information on access to aid or steps to be taken by owners and investors. To overcome this lack of knowledge, the European Institute for Building Performance (BPIE) has hosted a seminar on building rehabilitation licenses.

Façade’s rehabilitation of the Cima Sanitas Hospital

The rehabilitation of the façades is key to ensure the proper functioning of buildings, whether homes or public buildings. One of the last projects where Sistema Masa has been in charge of rehabilitating its façades is the Hospital Cima Sanitas of Barcelona.