How to install ventilated facades in a rehabilitation

The solution of installing ventilated facades in a rehabilitation is one of the options that brings more advantages. This type of facades allows a great variety of finishes and in its installation, you can take advantage of the existing facade of the building. It also offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Two new homes with ventilated facades

The insulation of façades is becoming a more demanded requirement for new buildings. For some years, the number of homes with rainscreen facades has grown exponentially. A fact that shows that consumers are aware of the advantages of efficient systems.

Demand for detached houses with ventilated facades grows

The demand for family houses and villas with rainscreen facades has increased in recent months. The environmental advantages and energy saving of these types of systems is the main reason that leads the owners to install these facades in their homes.

Design and energy efficiency in buildings. The future of the real estate sector

The demands of the European Union to reduce the levels of energy consumption, have caused the real estate sector to bet on energy efficiency in buildings. Through state-of-the-art designs, new homes and buildings for public use will be built with more efficient materials to achieve the 20/20/20 objective demanded by the European Union.