The demand for ventilated facades keeps growing

Licenses issued to start projects of ventilated facades do not stop growing. In 2017, this type of coverings was consolidated as a great option for energy saving in the communities of owners. To this day, these facilities keep rising and invite us to be optimistic in 2018.

Installation of ventilated facades that respect the traditional style

The new project of Sistema Masa consists of the installation of facades that respect the traditional style of the historic center of the Catalan municipality of Vic. The facade maintains the styles and colors of the municipal order, but with current constructive solutions that guarantee energy efficiency.

Changes in the cladding of the facades of protected buildings

The commitment to energy efficiency is increasingly strong, however, in the case of some buildings protected or listed there are some obstacles to change the cladding of the facades. According to the autonomous community or city, historical buildings can make small modifications, but in other areas they cannot improve their efficiency under any circumstances.