Building Rehabilitation Licenses: What are they?

In the European Union there is no doubt of the importance of the rehabilitation of buildings. However, there is still much lack of information on access to aid or steps to be taken by owners and investors. To overcome this lack of knowledge, the European Institute for Building Performance (BPIE) has hosted a seminar on building rehabilitation licenses.

Façade’s rehabilitation of the Cima Sanitas Hospital

The rehabilitation of the façades is key to ensure the proper functioning of buildings, whether homes or public buildings. One of the last projects where Sistema Masa has been in charge of rehabilitating its façades is the Hospital Cima Sanitas of Barcelona.

The most original housing constructions

The world of construction and architecture is very broad. In addition to the classic or more common buildings, we can also find some houses that stand out for their originality, both for their design and for the materials used in their construction. Next, we will review the most original housing constructions in the world.

Housing rehabilitation to reduce energy consumption and pollution

Surely you are aware of the energy consumption of your home, especially when the electricity bill arrives. But have you ever wondered how much it contaminates your home? The rehabilitation of homes, in addition of helping us to reduce the energy bill, also contributes to reduce the high pollution that we produce in our homes.