certficado CE fachadas ventiladas sistema masa


EOTA is an organization comprising the different designated approval bodies in the European Union, which are responsible for issuing the European Technical Approval (ETE) certificates. Sistema Masa currently has six ETE-certified systems: PF-ALU/PL, PF-ALU/CER and PF-ALU/CLA, PF-ALU/HPL, PF-ALU/HTR and PF-AL-T/SOV.
Together with a Technical Assessment (needed to ensure that the manufacturer meets the specification sheet requirements established in an ETE), the ETE allows the manufacturer to apply the CE marking on their products, which provides greater levels in terms of quality, safety and warranty cover.

certificado BAC fachadas ventiladas sistema masa

BAC Engineering Consultancy Group

All calculations for Sistema Masa’s fastening systems are conducted and/or guaranteed by BAC. The close collaboration with this renowned firm specializing in structural engineering goes back to the beginnings of Sistema Masa, in1988, when we started to develop the various fastening systems that currently make up the product range of Sistema Masa. The subsequent workflow has allowed BAC and Sistema Masa to continue with their cooperation, opening up new frontiers for the use of Sistema Masa product applications in international markets. The collaboration with Bac, an independent and external service partner, is a reflection of the transparency that characterizes Sistema Masa in providing the maximum safety.