Quality Policy

SISTEMA MASA is committed to seeking the continuous improvement of its design processes, development, manufacture, marketing and installation of fastening systems for facade cladding. To this end, the emphasis is on meeting customer needs and offering a quality service in the pursuit of their maximum satisfaction.

Right from the Management, full staff involvement and fluid communication between all the organization’s members is encouraged in order to obtain better results, which favor the latter's growth, achieving business results that guarantee our continuity and enable us to be a reference in our sector. To do so, we assess the context in which we find ourselves at all times and the effects thereof on the all parties involved with whom the organization is related, following the Business Plan established and reviewed annually by the Management.

From the annual review of the Business Plan, objectives are reviewed and established that allow the control of the different processes through the monitoring of the indicators set, with the purpose of improving them day by day, seeking to obtain maximum efficiency.
The mission of the Company is to provide market solutions in hidden anchoring systems for fastening floating cladding panels on ventilated facades.
In order to accomplish this mission, we must:
  1. Know the needs of customers.
  2. Be up-to-date with the materials available on the market for the various panel claddings.
  3. Design high quality fixings that meet all customer requirements and applicable rules and regulations.
  4. Comply with all regulations and legal requirements.
  5. Select suppliers who accept our commitment to continuous improvement in the manufacture of the products we have designed, carrying out the follow-up that corresponds in each of their processes. 
  6. Also select personnel to subcontract, who in carrying out the different jobs, are committed to the organization and follow all the set guidelines and work systems.
  7. Ensure at all times that the equipment and machines used in all processes are in perfect condition, and that the necessary maintenance on them has been performed.
  8. Provide good customer service, always aiming to deliver the products they need when stipulated and at all times. 
To achieve this, we count on the collaboration of all the Organization’s staff, who are expected to comply with the established work systems and the contribution of initiatives to improve the development of the different processes.

This policy is made known to all Company personnel, being reviewed by the Management whenever it is deemed appropriate, to adapt it to any changes that occur in the Organization.