The Company

Mecanismos Anclajes y Sistemas Autoportantes, S.L., under its trademark “Sistema Masa”, is a Spanish company based in Rubí (Barcelona, Spain), specializing in the design, manufacture, management and assembly of fastening systems for ventilated façades for any type of cladding and provides a wide range of technical solutions that fit every construction scenario, material and design.

Founded back in 1994 and with over 20 years of experience and more than 15,000 projects carried out in the national and international markets, the company has succeeded in expanding its business thanks to the quality of its services and work. From the very beginning, a well-defined teamwork method was in place, working with architects and planners and receiving external advice from one of the most nationally and internationally renowned engineering firms, the BAC Engineering Consultancy Group.

In late 2000 and early 2001, Sistema Masa participated as a speaker during the drafting of the Spanish standard UNE 41957-1 “Anchors for building façade claddings”. In addition, we have adapted all the calculations we use in our structures and systems to all following applicable basic standards:
We have an excellent technical team made up of the best qualified ARCHITECTS, DESIGNERS AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, who are constantly in search of architectural and technical excellence. We are a company that has expanded its activities on the basis of the quality of its services and the great PROFESSIONALISM of its team.
As part of our work methods, we would like to highlight the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE provided for each project from start to end of the construction.

Our work is based on constant UPDATING in order to meet the requirements desired and the latest developments by readjusting our calculations to comply with current standards and regulations.

All our systems comply with the SPANISH TECHNICAL BUILDING CODE (CTE for its Spanish acronym) as well as the parameters of the EUROCODE: No. 9 “Structural aluminum projects” that analyzes and directly focuses on aluminum structures and substructures.
We are the only company in Spain and worldwide which provides six profile systems certified with European Technical Approval (ETA), also the relevant CE marking.
In addition, we work with the best companies to ensure that our products maintain the HIGHEST RANKING in safety and quality. We are currently in the process of obtaining the International Coaching Community (ICC) certification.
Sistema Masa is able to adapt to the specific needs of each project, carrying out and managing projects of any size and, in some cases, providing customized solutions for the project and the project designer, with full assistance ranging from the preliminary study to completion.
The INTERNATIONALIZATION of Sistema Masa began in 2005 as the Company attended the international trade show BIG 5 in Dubai (UAE). Since then and to date, we have developed minor and major projects in 49 countries (see the project section on
Sistema Masa has always been considered as a high-quality provider, always one step ahead of the competitors, in terms of both technology and safety, and it is precisely this differentiation that has always led us to being awarded large scale contracts such as hospitals, hotels, office buildings, museums, universities… in short, reference projects.


Design, manufacture, application and installation of fastening systems for ventilated façades and any type of cladding at the national and international level.


Be a global benchmark engineering firm specializing in fixation systems for ventilated façades.


Professionalism, safety, commitment, quality, reliability and warranty. Our strengths are a complete technical service based on customer support from the preliminary project study to completion.